Books and Media To Add to Your Library

For Adults

Here are some great reference books for your library:

Trees of Ontario  by Linda Kershaw,  $21.95 PB

From the Publisher:

“Trees of Ontario is a comprehensive guide to all native and naturalized trees and tall shrubs in the province. Includes 213 species from 31 families:* Notes of interest on edible fruits and on human and wildlife use of the trees
* 574 colour photos and illustrations show each tree’s bark, leaves, flowers, fruits or cones, and overall shape
* Identification is easy with tips for distinguishing similar species
* Range maps and habitat descriptions
* Illustrated keys based on leaf, flower, fruit and winter characteristics
* Name origins and French names
* Illustrated glossary.”

For Children

A book is a great way to introduce young children to the wonders and benefits of caring for and protecting these most valuable resources.

Picture a Tree by Barbara Reid (Author, Illustrator) $19.99, HC

From the Publisher:

“Picture a tree, from every season, and from every angle. These wondrous beings give shade and shelter. They protect, and bring beauty to, any landscape.
Now look again. Look closer.

A tree’s colours both soothe and excite. Its shape can ignite the imagination and conjure a pirate ship, a bear cave, a clubhouse, a friend; an ocean, a tunnel, and a home sweet home. Its majestic presence evokes family, growth, changes, endings and new beginnings.

Picture a tree — what do you see? The possibilities are endless.

In this gorgeous new picture book, Barbara Reid brings her vision, her craft, and her signature Plasticine artwork to the subject of trees. Each page is a celebration, and you will never look at trees in quite the same way again.”